Beaded Rib Scarf by Jacqueline Fee

Beaded Rib Scarf

January 1983
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Pattern Description from The Sweater Workshop:

“Fair warning: Once you knit this narrow, shortish scarf, you may never take it off - indoors or out. It sits well on, or under, a blazer or a coat, and in a cold house it’s wonderfully warm around the neck - especially when knit in a soft handspun. The Beaded Rib pattern complements any sweater ribbing.

The pattern is a multiple of 5, plus 2, plus 3 extra stitches at each end of the needle for a garter stitch border. The casting-on and casting-off are accomplished on fewer stitches than the scarf proper to avoid “fanned fringe”.

The scarf may be made wider or narrower by increasing or decreasing in multiples of 5, plus 2. And it can, of course, be made longer or shorter. Fringe is optional.“

Jacqueline states that the Beaded Rib pattern is from The Knitting Dictionary.

Needle sizes according to yarn weight:
Fine: #3, #4, or #5
Medium: #5, #6, or #7
Heavy: #8, #10, or #10 1/2

Work on 2 double-points.

This pattern may be found on page 227 of The Sweater Workshop with a photo on page 179.