Crew Neck with Garter Stitch Rib by Jacqueline Fee

Crew Neck with Garter Stitch Rib

January 1983
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Yarn, gauge, needle, size choices are up to you.

Sweater patterns in this book use a percentage system. That is, you plug in your measurements and the pattern helps you calculate the number of stitches (or rows) you need at various points. You can use any yarn.

Pattern Description from The Sweater Workshop: “The Garter Stitch Rib sweater is a model of precision, if started correctly. As mentioned in the Sampler directions, Garter Stitch Rib is a rib stitch with a minimum of elasticity. (It comes from Mon Tricot 1300 Pattern Stitches.) Despite its name, you would not use it on cuffs, but it makes a handsome pattern for the body of a sweater. When it is worked in the round k4, p4 rounds alternate with palin knit rounds; worked in the flat, k4, p4 rows alternate with plain purl rows. It is the plain rounds or rows that lessen the elasticity of the rib pattern.”

“This sweater illustrates how the plain knit round of Garter Stitch Rib holds the k4, p4 round open. It’s a simple solution for those who admire the classic look of a ribbed sweater but do not like clinging styles. The 4-stitch Raglan Seamline C decrease blends right into the pattern 0 a seamline in disguise. The sweater is reversible.”

This pattern may be found on pages 155-156 of The Sweater Workshop.