Brioche Pattern Amethyst by Susann Hajjar

Brioche Pattern Amethyst

December 2010
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Because of the new EU tax regulations I have deactivated this pattern and will re-activate it later.
My free patterns are still available.

Wegen der neuen EU-Steuerrichtlinien habe ich dieses Muster deaktiviert und werde es später re-aktivieren.
Meine freien Muster bleiben erhältlich.

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Amethyst is another brioche pattern, inspired by diamond designs I’ve seen.

The pattern repeat itself is 40 stitches x 152 rows, can be repeated endlessly in both directions and can therefore easily be used for many purposes, as shawls and scarves, totes (must be lined), throws and even clothing with simple patterns.

As you can see on the pictures the pattern has a ‘normal’ patterned side and the inverted pattern on the other.
And because it is brioche knitting nothing curls and the fabric is wonderfully soft.

To make it easy for you to follow the pattern I put three instructions to the same pattern into my PDF file:

  • a text instruction, just as usual
  • a text instruction with separators where you can put your stitch markers and
  • a chart (I always prefer charts ;-))

Try before you buy
To make sure that you like/understand the way I’m writing my patterns you can first download and test the brioche pattern jade which is available for free :)

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