Colorama Crescent Shawl in 4 sizes by Lynn DT Hershberger

Colorama Crescent Shawl in 4 sizes

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Alternate one solid yarn with one slowly-self-striping yarn in the fingering-to-sport weight range, and make this breathtaking piece to wear. (One sportweight with one fingering weight does work fine.)

Use an Evolutions colorway from Twisted Fiber Art to make your crescent a rainbow of slowly-changing color. (Sample here is Kabam! Evolutions double, Colorway: Circle)
(Using one yarn, without striping, will require fewer yards total.)

Colorama is shaped as most of a circle. This helps it not fall off your shoulders while you move, and is flattering to many shapes and heights.

The patterning is all done on the knit side. Simple eyelets with zigzag/chevron patterning make a simpler knit than many shawls, with all of the visual “pow!” Two rows with one yarn followed by two rows of the other come out looking as if they are much more than stripes, but that is how easy it is.

This shawl has attracted much attention at knitting gatherings. It is guaranteed to land you some lovely complements while you wear it!

The pattern works top down. This means you can stop when you run out of yarn, or when you like its look.

Don’t limit yourself to literal sizing on this one. The blue one wrapped around necks in photos here is the XS/Sprite. The Goddess size is generous for drapey, luxurious wrapping even on smaller folks. I also have two Goddess-sized friends who tried on the Diva (M-L) size and felt it warmed their shoulders without getting in their way.

All sizes are knit to the same length (it reaches about elbow length). However, you are the boss if you want it to be longer and you have enough yarn! Also, I have made one little ruffle-shawl collar with a single solid-color skein of alpaca… I cast on a Goddess width, and bound off when I ran out. View project photos of quick collar here.

In these photos, the blue-purple striped version(on model in front of bookcase) is the XS/Sprite size. The lighter raspberry-pink version is Princess/Small. The darker magenta/plum version is Diva/M-L, and the aqua/blue-green version is Goddess/XL-3X sized. The green-to-purple evolutions “rainbow” color is Diva.

Big thanks to Winona, Lindsay and Anne for modeling. Thanks to Diana, Sarah-Ashley, Elizabeth and Kristina for test/sample knitting. Friends like these are golden.