Comfort Wrap by Lonna Cunningham

Comfort Wrap

The Comfort Wrap is a project that is easy to pick up and set down as well as completely portable: after all, if you always have knitting with you, then you always have a measure of comfort close to hand, and in times of stress, something very simple that progresses quickly is exactly the kind of project you need. The finished wrap is long and wide with deep pockets, ideal for or wrapping around yourself when tiredness and grief give you the chills, or for curling up in a big chair with a book.

Entirely in garter stitch, this wrap can be made using any combination of colours and yarns that are the same weight - I used two contrasting colours. Remember that you can hold two thin yarns together to make a thicker yarn, too, a process that can create some really interesting colour combinations as well as being a great way to use up yarn from your stash. Since the fabric needs to be a little more open in order to trap warmth, use needles a size or two larger than what the ball band calls for. I worked this with approximately 325 metres each of two coordinating colours of Cascade Yarns Eco +. The ball band suggests 6 mm needles, so I went up a few sizes and used my Clover Bamboo ‘scarf sticks’, which are short 9 mm bamboo needles - they fit nicely in a project bag, are sturdy enough to survive being carted around, and the short length makes them comfortable to work with on small projects like this.

Both printed and eBooks are now available … thanks for waiting!