Crocheted Gun - Art For Peace by Kathy Ticho

Crocheted Gun - Art For Peace

June 2016
Aran (8 wpi) ?
5.0 mm (H)
60 yards (55 m)
no size
This pattern is available for $10.00.

A Huge “Thank You” to everyone who participated either by purchasing a pattern or making a donation online or in-store. All told, we collected 76 knitted or crocheted guns and donated $1500 to charity.

During the summer of 2016 Knitche, Inc. ran an Art for Peace Initiative against gun violence. The goal was to raise funds for programs assisting people living in Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods and to raise awareness regarding the level of gun violence in our community at large.

We developed patterns for knitted and crocheted guns and donated all proceeds from pattern sales to Chicago’s Off The Street Club ( OTSC, a long-standing organization that seeks to provide positive role models and make a difference in the lives of adolescents living in the Chicago neighborhoods most directly affected by gun violence. Guns crafted from these patterns were then returned to the shop for inclusion in the public Art for Peace installation currently on display in our shop window.

Why are you crafting guns? We are crafting these solely for inclusion in the art installation against gun violence. The knitted and crocheted guns are arranged in a collage in the formation of a peace symbol, for display in the Chicago area. The $10 pattern charge is a fundraiser for OTSC and is meant to deter any other use of the pattern.

If you are protesting gun violence, why not craft items with more positive imagery? We feel that the juxtaposition of a gun (a cold, hard object that can cause such atrocities in the hands of people) with the soft, warm gentleness typically associated with knitting and crochet, will have a more powerful impact on the viewer regarding the specific topic of gun violence than say, a grouping of flowers or doves. The very act of creating this object from yarn brings a unique awareness, with every stitch, of the disturbing reality of gun violence in our society. Additionally, the hand-crafting of these objects symbolizes the relationship of people with guns, the potentially destructive aspect of which both gun rights activists and anti-gun lobbyists recognize.
Why is this issue so important? Gun violence in the United States in general, and in the metropolitan Chicago area in particular, is at staggeringly high levels. So far, shootings in Chicago are up 60% this year over last, making our city far more violent than both New York and Los Angeles combined despite being smaller in size than either one. There were 64 violent shootings reported in the city over the Memorial Day weekend alone (see ). The Chicago Sun-Times recently estimated that there are 10 violent shootings daily in the city.

Are you advocating for stricter gun control laws? This initiative is concerned with gun violence awareness and assisting those affected by this violence; we are not taking sides on any Second Amendment controversies.
How can this Art for Peace initiative really do anything to help? By raising money for OTSC, we are supporting programs aimed at providing safe havens and positive inspiration to youth in areas directly afflicted with gun violence. The artwork we have created together will hopefully raise awareness about gun violence, the first step toward any positive change. Living in a world where we are constantly bombarded with devastation and sadness can provoke a sense of helplessness. Doing one small thing to make a positive difference is not only personally uplifting but, when combined with the efforts of others, can be a powerful instrument for change.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
(Anne Frank)