CustomFit by Amy Herzog


CustomFit can be found here.

CustomFit makes custom sweater patterns based on your choice of gauge and body measurements. That means any of the patterns on CustomFit can be made in any yarn, and any size, that you like.

The patterns are all set-in sleeve construction as of March 2017, and are available for men, women, and children. There are three ways to make a pattern within CustomFit:

  • “Basics” are simple patterns that work with a variety of gauges and yarns, and are a great place to start. Each custom basic pattern is $9.99.
  • Designs tend to be a little more complicated, and will include stitch patterning or other design elements. They make a good choice for more adventurous sweater knitters but will sometimes require you to do things like center a stitch pattern. They’re all entered into Ravelry as separate patterns, and are $12.50.
  • You can also create your own design using CustomFit’s “Build Your Own” wizard. Each custom design is $9.99.

You can choose your preferred sleeve and sweater length for any design. CustomFit will make all decisions about ease if you’d like it to. Choose “close,” “average,” “relaxed,” or “oversized,” and we’ll do the rest!

If you prefer, you can also customize the measurements of your sweater before creating your pattern by clicking the “customize fit specifics” button.

You can create measurement sets by tweaking CYCA standards, or you can measure from scratch with the help of our handy videos or by visiting one of our fantastic CustomFit LYS partners.

Setting up an account, storing your measurements (up to 10 sets), and storing your gauge information (unlimited) is free. Patterns are either priced individually as described above, or you can subscribe to the site and get access to a set of handy knitting calculators, as well as a number of pattern generations each month, for a low monthly fee. (For more information on subscriptions click here.)

Finally, there are lots of helpful videos on CustomFit on my YouTube channel.

Please email me at with your questions, rather than Ravelry pm. Thanks!