Elspeth, A Little Crocheted Bear by S. Pendleton

Elspeth, A Little Crocheted Bear

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February 2009
Thread ?
1.3 mm
150 - 200 yards (137 - 183 m)
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Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

Elspeth is approximately 3.5 inches tall when size 20 thread is used with a size 10 (1.3mm) steel hook.

Suggested Materials:

· Size 20 crochet thread, tan (for Elspeth), light rose (for booties, panties, shirt, bonnet), white (for lace, trim, and tiny teddy), and medium rose (for diaper bag, pillow and blanket) - (or colors of choice)
· *Size 10 crochet hook*
· 6 inches of 1/8-inch (or 1/16th if you can get it) wide ribbon to match booties, 5 inches of same ribbon for bonnet
· Three 3-mm pearl beads to use as buttons on shirt
· Two ¼“ heart buttons for diaper bag
· ¼” ribbon rose to match pillow
· Fiberfill
· 3-mm black beads for Elspeth’s eyes, 1-mm black beads for teddy’s eyes
· Two 3/8” joint disks (optional)
· One ¾“ cotter pin (optional)
· Black embroidery thread
· Small piece of thin, stiff plastic or card stock (see diaper bag directions)
· 5-inch doll needle (if thread jointing head), 2.5-inch darner, small blunt tapestry needle, beading needle, sewing needle, other needles of choice
· Small hemostat, dowel, long tweezers, or other long, narrow tool for stuffing
· Small needle-nose pliers for turning cotter pins (also helpful for pulling needles through fabric)

Gage is not important. Use any size thread or yarn and use suitable hook size, and adjust the size of the eyes to fit the proportions of your bear.

You may sell the items that you make from this pattern. You may translate this pattern into your language. You may NOT sell the pattern in any way, shape, or fashion.