Fair Isle Yoke Sweater - child - WG11 SO4 by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater - child - WG11 SO4


Child’s version of the Seamless Yoke Sweater, which uses EZ’s percentage system and incorporates Fair Isle into the yoke.

Pattern description from Knitting Around: “This is the same concept as an adult’s circular sweater: knitted from the bottom up, seamless, decreased at the yoke by 3 rounds of regular decreases, and shaped at the neck back by 6 short rows. Decide on the width you want for the body, multiply the inches by your gauge and find your Key Number K.

Pattern description from Spun Out #4:
(1982) Originally published in 1974 as Elizabeth’s Wool Gathering #11. This yoke patten of Elizabeth’s first appeared on the cover of Bernat’s “School and College Look #67” many years ago. the design evoked favorable response when shown over the air on “Busy Knitter”, and is also featured at the lower center on the back of the dust jacket of Knitting Without Tears.

This pattern may be found on pages 24-25 of Knitting Around with a Henley Neck Variation on page 26.