Fast & Easy Top Down Knit Hat by Gail Hovanec

Fast & Easy Top Down Knit Hat

November 2013
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

There are a LOT of simple knit hat patterns out there, this one is my own personal variation which I have perfected over the years to be my go to pattern when I need a quick, warm, basic hat. I can make one up in worsted weight in less than 2 hours. The hat is done top down so you can check the sizing as you go, never worry that it will be too big or too small because YOU control the size. The increases I use are a bit different than the standard interpretation of the lifted increase - I knit both of the lifted increases through the back loop. Not only does this make for an interesting pattern at the top of the hat but it makes it faster and easier. Did I mention I perfected this over the years to be quick, warm and basic :-)

The following pattern is written out for making the hat in worsted weight wool with a gauge in the round of approximately 17 sts x 22 rows for a 4” square using size 8 (5mm) needles - but…You can use this formula with any weight yarn and needles, worked at any gauge! You’ll need to have a long circular to transfer your stitches to in order to try the hat on for size as you go, but once you have your own personal formula of how many increases and rows for yarn X on needles Y then you are all set.

The pattern is written out for working on a set of 5 DPN (4 needles with stitches, 1 working needle) but can be easily switched to circular needle(s)- just remember to put in a stitch marker at each point where there would be a new needle and treat each section as if it were one needle as you follow the pattern.

This pattern is very easy to customize as you like - simple stripes - stranded designs that you can chart up yourself on graph paper (just mark off a single wedge of the hat on the paper, a wedge being a single needle of the hat, so you would start with 1 block for the first stitch at the top, then two blocks for two rows, and so on) - add novelty yarn trim - use up a bunch of scraps of yarn by tying them all together into a big ball and then make sure you pull the loose ends of the ties through to the public side to give a novelty look to the hat. So many possibilities with one simple pattern. Have fun! But please, respect my copyright and don’t try to sell this pattern as your own. I offer it free for all to enjoy - make as many as you like, sell as many as you like, donate as many as you like.

To make this hat you need to know how to knit, purl and bind off.

EDIT TO ADD: I accidentally felted one of these which grew too much after washing and it came out totally awesome! Just wanted to let you all know in case someone else ends up with a wool version that ends up just a tad too big.