Fensterbild by Christine Nöller


August 2013
Lace ?
US 1½ - 2.5 mm
109 - 150 yards (100 - 137 m)
25 or 30 cm = 10 or 12 in diameter
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ERRATUM: Please note that an error has been detected in Round 35 of the chart. It is recommended to replace the first and last symbol in Round 35 with a yarn over so the last two pattern rounds (37 and 39) will be aligned again.

Fehlerberichtigung in Rd 35 - 1. und letztes Stricksymbol durch einen U ersetzen.

Achtung, bei der StrS für 25 cm-Ringe fehlt in Ru 3 der li US - gilt für alle vor dem 23.8., 7.35 Uhr runtergeladenen Anleitungen.

Die Perlen habe ich nach dieser Methode eingefügt

Window ornament (dream catcher) knitted in the round and attached to a metal hoop.
Charted instructions. Two different charts for 10 in and 12 in hoops.

You will need:
– 10 (15) grams = 0.35 (0.5) laceweight yarn.
– 2.5 mm (between US 1 and 2) DPN set
– 0.75 mm crochet hook for adding beads
– 2.00 mm crochet hook for binding off
– seed beads or rocailles, plastic or glass: 48 red, 80 pink, 80 transparent, 8 larger ones for the center
– round wire hoop, 25 (30) cm = 10 (12) inches in diameter

Beads inserted after this method.

English file = Fensterbild_ENG_01.PDF

What does “empty boxes are not to be worked, no stitch” mean? An empty box means that there is no stitch in this place to be worked. It is just used so the chart looks better and is easier to read. When you encounter an empty box, after you’ve worked the last symbol before the empty box, proceed directly to the next box that has a symbol in it and work that.

For more information, see: http://www.ravelry.com/stores/christine-noller-designs