Game Knitting by Lee Meredith

Game Knitting

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A knitting concept that can turn a simple pattern into a randomized one-of-a-kind piece by turning the act of knitting it into a game.

This is not a pattern, but an idea, turned into a 65 page ebook which includes enough different patterns to combine to make over 150 different designs, but the whole point is that you can make up your own patterns and ideas, take it into other items, and your design options truly become infinite!

See the webpage or the blog post to read about the concept; here is an excerpt from the ebook:

Game knitting, as it was invented and played to make the items you see here, is based around TV shows, which means if you don’t consider yourself a game lover, but you do have a weakness for television, you too will love game knitting! However, if you want to, some creative thinking can surely move the game away from the screen (and the book includes many ideas).

Game knitting is a concept as opposed to a pattern, which means it can be used to make anything you can knit, as long as it’s a simple enough shape. The book features mostly hats, but there are also examples of scarves, mitts, headbands, and cuffs; knit whatever you love most, as it works out best to game knit an object you are familiar with knitting in the first place. As you can knit any shape, you can also game knit with any yarn/needles/gauge. You could even take it further and use the concept in non-knitting projects!

Because the different combinations of patterns to make a game knitting design are endless, there are not any separate ravelry pattern pages for different patterns from the ebook - so if you make any pattern from the book, just label the pattern as “game knitting”.

If you use someone else’s pattern as a base pattern for game knitting, and you link up your ravelry project with their pattern, it won’t be under the game knitting projects, so it would be awesome if you could leave a comment here on the game knitting pattern to show it off!!

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