Gent's Knickerbocker Hose in Blantyre Plaid by Weldons

Gent's Knickerbocker Hose in Blantyre Plaid

by Weldons
Out of print. This pattern was available for free: Blantyre.pdf

Originally published in Weldon’s Practical Knitter Twenty-Eighth Series (1895)

“Our engraving shows a strong and comfortable stocking worked in Blantyre Plaid with wool of two colors; this plaid is bold and effective, and the colors used in the model (dark brown and light fawn) harmonize nicely together. The stocking comprises a minimum of work, as it is one of a new and popular kind, knitted with thick wool and coarse needles, and so the work is brought rapidly to completion. The stocking has a ribbed top, which is intended to fold below the knee to cling closely round the leg and hold the stocking in place. Depth of the ribbing is 6 inches; entire length of leg, including ribbing, is 21 inches. Length of foot, 10 inches”.

UPDATE 10/21/12: The free pdf for this cool pair of knee socks is now available!

I’ve hopefully fixed the problem with the charts printing as a GIANT set of pages. I’ve tried printing them and they work fine (for me), please let me know if you still have problems printing.