Henry VIII Pin Cushion & Anne Boleyn Scissor Cozy by Ann D'Angelo

Henry VIII Pin Cushion & Anne Boleyn Scissor Cozy

This pattern is available from etsy.com for $8.00.

This is a 2015 update of my original 2011 pattern, in which Henry flaunts some new finery and Anne enjoys increased stability about the neck and head (though she is still easily decapitated, never fear)

Who doesn’t love the Tudors? (Okay, there are people who don’t, but let’s not upset ourselves by thinking about them.) This adorable rendition of Henry and Anne brings not only Tudor fashion but also some modern functionality to your living room, your sewing room, your office, or your best friend’s Tudor shrine. Henry’s broad hat and reliable shoulders hold pin and needles - and keep them separate. Anne’s clever head both holds and hides a pair of embroidery scissors. And of course, if you just want them to sit there looking cute, they do that, too.

This is an intermediate pattern, but it’s not super complicated or stressful. Required stitches include sc, HDC, DC, TC, and sc2tog. There is one color change. There are also more than 30 pictures in the pattern to help you along.

When finished, Henry & Anne both stand under 7” tall. As you can see from the pictures, you will need a few extras including pearl crafting beads, felt, and embroidery floss.