India Stole by Sylvie Beez

India Stole

by Sylvie Beez
Lace ?
US 3 - 3.25 mm
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

500 beads 7/0 3.5mm if desired
Instructions in German and English

If you prefer using your laptop, iPad or iPod for the pattern instead of printing it on paper - here is a webpage from sonalita to help you navigate through the pattern:
See the last photo to get an impression.


In row 1 position 18 should be 7 stitches to knit instead of 8
(thanks borie for reporting)
corrected file is uploaded (05.12.2008)

Row 125: Positions 79 and 84 should both be slip one, knit one, pass over but, instead, there’s just a knit stich. This would leave the row with an extra two stitches.
(thanks spiritualwitch for reporting)
corrected file is uploaded (06.04.2009)

Row 0:
Position 13(?) from the right shows a 12 and should be a 10.
(thanks studio215 for reporting)
corrected file uploaded (21.06.2010)

Row 53/55:
The bead on the right side must be in row 55 instead of row 53.
corrected file uploaded (18.08.2015)

Uploaded a file Legend.pdf for all who got the last version where I forgot to include the key table for the charts.