Ivory Shells Sweater by Mary Jane Hall

Ivory Shells Sweater

The skill level on this sweater is rated Intermediate. My 16 year old pattern tester made it without having to ask me any questions, so I think it is pretty easy! Berroco Softwist yarn was used and the photos do not do this beautiful yarn justice. There is a tiny thread with a sheen, going through the yarn and it’s just gorgeous. The shell pattern and the yarn help the sweater to stretch and mold to the body for a very flattering fit. For anyone wishing to use a less expensive yarn, Caron Simply Soft is a great substitute. In my opinion, even though Caron advertises this yarn to be a # 4 medium worsted wt, it works up much smaller than most # 4 wt yarns. The pattern tester for this sweater used Simply Soft and we both decided that in order to get the correct gauge for the sweater, we had to use a larger hook. If you use the Berroco yarn, the pattern calls for a size G hook, but if using Simply Soft, you will need a size K hook to get the same results (as far as gauge)

The wide collar is worked right onto the neck edge, eliminating the task of having to sew a seam later. The collar pretty much stays on the shoulders, but since the sweater stretches, you can easily wear the sweater as an “off the shoulder” look.

An important note:
You need to be very careful on the gauge. In fact if your gauge is off even a fraction of an inch, the sweater will not turn out right. This is true though of any garment.

My recommendation is this:
Instead of just measuring your stitches and row with a tape measure, to be exact, you need to place straight pins between the stitches to get an exact gauge. Using a yardstick or ruler will also help to get the correct gauge. Even I, as the designer, can be way off on measuring the gauge if I do not use the straight pins. It’s very important if you want the sweater to fit for your size. Please let me know if you have any questions.

The blue sweater was the one that my 16 year old pattern tester made with Caron Simply Soft yarn.