Joe and Cornelius by Katie Boyette
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Joe and Cornelius

August 2011
Errata available:

Errata has now been added for a new and improved version of this pattern. Additionally, if you would like to buy the pattern individually, you can find the new version here

This is the classic tale of the bully and the bullied. Cornelius was the smallest kid in his class. He was teased and picked on, never invited to birthday parties, and in his teenage years, was reduced to taking his sister as his prom date. Despite the humiliations of his adolescence, he grew up to be clever and successful. Joe on the other hand was hindered by his intimidating size and lack of social skills. He made up for this by exceling at athletics, and intimidating the little guys. But once his glory days on the water polo court were over, he was forced to take a low paying job, as Cornelius’s limo driver.