Little Yellow Coriolis by Cat Bordhi

Little Yellow Coriolis

July 2007
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New Pathways for Sock Knitters, which I published in 2007, is by far my most ambitious and comprehensive sock book. It contains 8 unique architectures, each one introduced with a quick little baby or toddler sock, followed by a collection of adult designs, and a Master pattern so that you can literally knit an infinite number of variations on each architecture.

Hundreds of designers have used these architectures as a leaping-off point for their own innovations, with the Riverbed, Upstream, and Cedar architectures appearing most often. This was my hope—that the new fields I plowed would become gardens in the minds and hands of others, including you!

This digital version of the book insures that it can remain a resource for knitters and designers forever.

New Pathways Yellow Sock Number Two
This unique little sock worked in Coriolis Architecture, is found on page 130, and has a Whirlpool Toe and an I-Cord edge which begins right after the final Coreolis band stitch.