Northern Lights by Cat Bordhi

Northern Lights

This sock pattern is one of 28 in my ebook, Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters. My Personal Footprint method is fun and easy, and captivates even seasoned sock knitters with its innovative approach and ease of fitting any foot. It is ideal for normal feet as well as feet with unusually high or low insteps, and heels of all sizes and shapes.

These socks combine three yarns. The lace-weight Kid Seta adds strength, warmth, and a moonlight halo to the night and snow colors of fingering-weight Zauberball. Each beam of color, streaming like Northern lights diagonally across the sky, comes from one color section of a ball of Trekking Maxima, with each strand of color joining the Kid Seta and Zauberball for two stitches per round.