Perpetual Colourwork Calendar - January by Derya Davenport

Perpetual Colourwork Calendar - January

  • A 12-page calendar with a front and back cover.
  • 2 bonus to-do list cards.

Just print out, cut along the lines & colour in!

This printable calendar offers endless variations of colourwork patterns for your knitting. And if you’re not a knitter, you can still enjoy colouring in the patterns every month!

♥ You can create your very own new knitting motif every month!
♥ You can have lots of fun colouring in, and improve your colour-sense at the same time.
♥ You don’t have to wait till the end of the year to use it. Nor do you have to print out the whole calendar at once. Print out any month you like!
♥ You can use it year after year to remember anniversaries, or print out a new copy each year to organise your day-to-day tasks.
♥ The checkboxes next to each day will help you keep track of days, streaks, and tasks. You don’t have to stick to checkmarks either; why not make up your own symbols, or colour-code your events?
♥ This calendar makes a thoughtful but very inexpensive last-minute gift (especially appreciated by knitters). You can use the “To” & “From” blanks on the cover to personalise your calendar.
♥ When the month is over, you can cut out the design and file it with your knitting patterns.
♥ There’s a nice range of modern (owls, hearts, skulls) and traditional patterns (including shetland, scandinavian, andean and anatolian)!
♥ The PDF includes 2 to-do list cards (with dates & checkboxes) that you can doodle with while you work. Believe me, it’s fun!