Pokemon: Abra by Janelle Highland

Pokemon: Abra

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

A wild Abra appears!

size of needle is ultimately unimportant, just make sure you crochet a tight stitch. When I crocheted Abra with a 5.5mm hook, he came out to be 37 centimeters (14 inches) from head to toe, and 31cm (12 inches) from finger to finger.

Yarn type rather unimportant. I designed and crocheted this with random yarn I had.

Please do not sell this pattern, or the finished product. I am offering this for free for enjoyment. Besides that, this is a licensed, and owned character. I do not claim ownership of character.

Most of this pattern is written in short hand. My shorthand is pretty basic, and is as follows:
sc - single crochet.
inc - increase stitch. two stitches in one area.
dec - decrease stitch. make one stitch with two areas.
MR - magic ring.