Quilted Tissue Box Cover by Emily Bieman
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Quilted Tissue Box Cover

8 ply
US 5 - 3.75 mm
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Sage advice I should have heard:
When using Hydrochloric acid for cleaning, use a mask, not just one of those cheap paper ones, it has to be one of those $50 3M masks. It’s a must.

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Why knitters with no kids? – I believe the world has passed its comfortable population sum. I find it strange that no one worries about the loss of habitat, animal extinction, pollution, lack of resources…. Yet women just keep on popping them out - only a ¼ of the female population should be breeding in my opinion.
Another reason why some women should not have kids, is some just plain shouldn’t due to typical bitch nature, as opposed to a nurture nature, and ofcourse the naivety and stupidity factor which accompanies a ‘bitch’ nature is still unfortunately a rampant quality amongst a lot of women. The pressure to have kids is absurd, there needs to be a break in the cycle. Think outside the box. (You know, when I was young, I was all for women’s lib, equality etc., but as an older woman now with experience, especially around a lot of women – gee wiz, there is not much hope I tell you. I have plenty of stories I could show as example, but I feel I have to limit this little ditty, and I am sure you do not want to actually know – the truth is a little disturbing)
Also there seems to be a bias in society towards ’families’. I would like to point out single people are not bad people, in fact they are usually free thinking admirable people, and couples that choose not to have kids can really enjoy life with no restrictions, anyway, everyone is from a family, large or small.
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So, basically, I am trying to balance things out, hence free patterns if you have no kids.

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