Saqqara by Melinda VerMeer


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Saqqara is knit side to side with a simple lace border that brings to mind the early Egyptian stepped Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara. Increases and decreases are imbedded in the lace border for a gradual drop in depth at the center.

It was designed with handspun in mind, so you would be able to use every last bit of yarn, no matter the weight (lace to worsted or even heavier) or yardage! Of course, if you are not a spinner, or do not have handspun yarn, any commercial yarn you like works for this design as well.

The design works as a large light-weight lacy shawl, a small cowl or anything in between. All use the exact same set of instructions, with the knitter determining when they have used nearly half of their yarn or have their piece half the size they would like before moving on to the second half of the instructions.

A digital scale to weigh the beginning yarn weight and yarn remaining partially way thru is helpful.

Yardage minimum suggestions per yarn weight:
Lace cowl: 200, shawl: 400
Fingering cowl: 175, shawl: 325
DK cowl: 150, shawl: 250
Worsted cowl: 100, shawl: 200
these are intended to be a rough guideline as the minimum yardage you will need for a cowl or shawl.