Seven Sisters - Six Loops by Brenda Burrell

Seven Sisters - Six Loops

This pattern is available for free.

Along an old, old sacred route from the coast to a cathedral lies an ancient burial site, a large mound with a magnificent view all around from the wild sea to the distant hills. Known locally as the Seven Sisters, as long as anyone can remember there have only been six shallow-rooted trees, and all efforts to have another planted there are fiercely resisted by the enthusiast historians.

This silent necklace is as enigmatic as the sisters. Make six loops, make seven, make four, make the number you want to make, that feels right to you and your beautiful neck.

The yarn called for is Aran weight, but you can substitute for heavy DK or even doubled sock or laceweight yarns. Just be sure to go down a couple of needle sizes to make sure your cords don’t sag. We don’t want saggy cords.

Absolutely customisable, easy and quick to knit, an ideal seasonal gift.