SIERPIŃSKI by Barbara Laumbacher


Dibadu Funnies - Cool Merino Maschenmaler
US 6 - 4.0 mm
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SIERPIŃSKI gibt es jetzt als download in deutscher Sprache:

Pattern and yarn for the large version is now avialable in larger size at!

There will soon be new colors from dibadu for this pattern:
Cool Merino “Maschenmaler”!

The pattern is now available at:

I am fascinated by knitting.
I am fascinated by color.
I am fascinated by geometry.
I am fascinated by triangles.

So, wouldn’t it be logical to design a knitted scarf in form of a triangle with triangles all over.

And let it be my personal declaration of love to the triangle itself.

The modular kerchief is composed of triangles allover.
Wacław Franciszek Sierpiński’s famous fractal forms the central point, framed by triangular side parts, which end up in a border
of triangular structures. The center point of the triangular scarf is formed again by two triangles.

The pattern is available as a kit of carefully arranged and affectionately selected color combinations.