Simple Crochet Hedgehog by Nickie Engle

Simple Crochet Hedgehog

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Update 9/16/14 -- a full detailed PDF is finally available! Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in my little hedgehogs!

PDF contains lots of photos, tips & hints, examples of different yarns, and details on making both large & small hedgies, (“mama” and “baby”)

This pattern is very simple & quick to make! The PDF file is 13 pages long, but don’t let that fool you - I have simply tried to give lots of additional details, photos & examples that will make it even easier for you to create lots of adorable hedgies!

There are 2 pages which are concise text-only instructions, to make it simple to print, without using a lot of ink. Print out the ‘basics’, and refer back to the full version on your computer or mobile device for all the details!

Pattern was tested on a Kindle (basic version) and an Apple iPod Touch, for readability on mobile devices.

Thank you for your support & enjoy your hedgehogs!