Spring Wood Shawl by Denise Bartels

Spring Wood Shawl

by Denise Bartels
October 2015
Lace ?
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
1500 - 1600 yards (1372 - 1463 m)
Flag of English English
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This is an almost circular crescent shawl that is knit for the top down.

Please note that while I have knitted the shawl with these charts, it has not been test knitted by someone else. I would appreciate all questions or suggestions.


Please download version 2 of this pattern.

I have made a number of corrections and clarifications (I hope) to the pattern. In addition, I have added an alternate set of charts for some of the rows that make use of the large repeat sections. Also, I have included some written instructions for some of the rows.

UPDATE - Version 3 (11-1-15)
Fixed mistakes in row 46.
Beginning of the row should be yo, ssk, yo, k1 tbl, k2, yo, yo, …
Ending of the row should be …, yo, yo, k2, k1 tbl, yo, k2tog, yo.

Old version only had 1 knit stitch between the double yo the the knit in back.

UPDATE - Version 4 (12-13-15)
Fixed mistakes in rows 54 and 56.

Row 56 was missing a k1 11 stitches from the edges.
Row 56 had extra k1 in corresponding location.

UPDATE - Version 5 (1-1-16)

On chart 3b stitch 49 in row 90 and stitch 50 in row 91 should be ssk’s not k1.

UPDATE - Version 6 (3-4-16)

On row 104, chart 4d, stitch 29 should be a k2tog instead of a k1.

UPDATE - Version 7 (3-8-16)

On row 112, chart 5b, stitch 5 is an extra yo that has been removed. Chart 5a was also changed for formatting reasons.

UPDATE - Version 8 (3-14-16)

Removed extra yo from row 120 (Stitch 1 one row 120 of chart 5d). Both charts 5d and 5e were changed.

UPDATE - Version 9 (3-19-16)

Fixed row 136 in written directions. A k4 was mistakenly put as k3 which also messed up the repeats and the stitch count. Note that row 126 in both sets of charts is correct.

UPDATE - Version 10 (4-4-2016)

Fixed error in row 194 on chart 10. Stitch 54 should have been an ssk not a k1.

UPDATE - Version 11 (4-7-2016)

Fixed error in written instruction for row 172.
Added stitch counts to the written instructions for rows 160 and 168.

UPDATE - Version 12 (4-10-2016)

Fixed error in row 188 in both sets of charts and in written instructions.

Please let me know if you find any errors or have any questions.