Stupidly Easy Triangular Scarf by Glenna C.

Stupidly Easy Triangular Scarf

Discontinued. This digital pattern is no longer available online.

This is an extremely flexible pattern, intended to work with just about any DK-worsted yarn in your stash. It is a triangular scarf/shawl that starts at the centre of the back and expands as long and wide as you want to knit for. This one uses less than 2 skeins of Berocco Ultra Alpaca for a scarf that wraps once around the neck.

This pattern is more of a set of guidelines for personal customization rather than itemized instructions - if that’s not your cup of tea, please consider a different free pattern.

Circular needles are recommended.

Choose a needle size appropriate for the weight of the yarn you are knitting with, or 2-3 sizes larger for a looser scarf with more drape.

Note: the instructions are found on a past blog post of mine, and are quick to write down in a few lines on a piece of paper, or even to memorize. If you want a printed version and are having trouble printing a full blog post, I recommend doing a quick copy-and-paste of the text into your Word or other writing software.