The Red Palm - Palmen Röd by Kerstin Olsson

The Red Palm - Palmen Röd

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January 1967
Lace ?
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Traditional Bohus yoke pullover designed by Kerstin Olsson in 1967 and updated into kit form by Solveig Gustafsson in 2005. Pinks, purples and black on a bright pink background.

There are two authorized reproductions of this original Bohus Stickning design. One is from the book Poems of Color, and one was reproduced by SOLsilke and is now produced by AngoraGarnet. The two reproductions are visually similar, but use different weights of yarn, gauges, stitch counts, construction and directions, so they are not interchangable. To avoid confusion, here is a comparison of the two versions:

              Poems of Color    SOLsilke/AngoraGarnet
Yarn          Sport / 5 ply         Lace / 2 ply
Gauge            7/inch              8.25/inch 
Stitch count    size 44               size 44
   Neck band      120                   154
   Bust           308                   352
   Waist          308                   328
Construction   circular            yoke circular
                                 Body  sleeves flat

These two versions, from Poems of Color and from SOLsilke/AngoraGarnet, are different patterns, and should be kept separate.