the1sleeved by Vithard Villumsen


This pattern is available for kr.795.00.

This pattern is no longer available as a single pattern.
You can get it as a kit online. It comes in 3 colour ways.
For the English version, please visit my etsy shop
You can get the Danish version via my webshop, please visit:

a one sleeved poncho
a one sleeved sweater
a capey thing

this is a very versatile piece. wear it one way or the other and feel chik however you wear it. Play around with the1sleeved and let everyone else know how you wear it.
Even though the pattern is onesize it fits everyone, no matter the body type.

Go to the youtube channel to see how you do the techniques involved in the pattern…

Make sure to knit a swatch before you start knitting the garment, every knitter knits at his/her own gauge.