Undulation Rib pinstriped scarf by TECHknitter

Undulation Rib pinstriped scarf

February 2016
Any gauge - designed for any gauge ?
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This pattern is available for free.

Pinstriping need not be straight! This Undulation Rib scarf features curvy pinstripes in double ribbed columns running the length of the scarf--very pretty!

Also included is a tutorial for an optional modification via a new trick: knitting the ribs “blind” and converting the knit column to a purl column afterwards via a trick called “controlled drop.”

Unlike regular rib-conversion, which requires dropping a column all the way to the bottom before latching it up, controlled drop conversion goes stitch-by-stitch, and is therefore an excellent trick for dropping a column through shaping, without a loose ladder snaking through the work to compromise the shaping or the fabric.

Bottom line: the scarf can be knit with the purl ribs in it (the pattern is actually written that way) but the pattern can be optionally modified for controlled drop--yielding more entertainment value per skein of yarn!