YouKnits lace #013a by Susann Hajjar

YouKnits lace #013a

April 2011
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Design your own lace by simply combining YouKnits to your personal and unique pattern.

If you have questions or suggestions or want to share your project, please come to the group unikatissima or send me a pm. You are very welcome! :)

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Read also about try before you buy further down.

» about YouKnits

All individual Youknits will always match both horizontally and vertically (although I must admit that some look better near each other than others ;-)).
Mostly the patterns will flow into each other and you won’t be able to tell where one YouKnit ends and the other starts afterwards :)

Every YouKnit pattern consists of 16 stitches x 32 rows (plus a couple of stitches and rows, read more about in the how-to).

You can find the basic set and the how-to here at ravelry and the patterns by searching for YouKnits or looking at my ravelry designs page or ravelry store, see also how to use YouKnits further down this page.

» about the pictures

The pictures on the left are made to show you

  • how this pattern looks when simply repeated and
  • how it may look in combination with other YouKnits.

From top to bottom:

  • a picture of this YouKnit repeated 3 x 3 times,
  • a picture of just this YouKnit and
  • a picture of combination #20 where I used this YouKnit in combination with others included
  • the YouKnits distribution chart for combination #20.

All pictures were made with the YouKnits designer, see also WYSIWYK - YouKnits designer further down this page.

Note: about the YouKnits distribution charts:
003c #00 means YouKnit 003 found in set #00 in YouKnits designer.
A set in YouKnits designer is one of the slides on the right side.

» about this pattern

The PDF file of this pattern contains on three pages

  • a picture of this pattern,
  • a knitting chart for this pattern,
  • a text instruction for this pattern,
  • my terms of use and
  • a short synopsis about how to knit with YouKnits, including the legend for the knitting chart.

To see whether you like/understand such a knitting chart and text instruction, please download the free basic set, see also try before you buy in the next paragraph.
Additionally you may want to download it, because it contains 8 more square YouKnits and all triangle YouKnits, that you would need e.g. when knitting a triangle shawl.

» try before you buy

To see whether you like/understand my patterns you can download the basic set for free, containing 8 more square YouKnits and all triangle YouKnits.

If you have still problems or questions afterwards, see point questions about (using) the YouKnits further down on this page.

» how to use YouKnits

I offer two instructional files for free:

  • the how-to, where I tried to describe in full detail how to knit patterns of combined YouKnits and
  • eine deutsche Kurzanleitung (a short German how-to).

Before starting your first personal YouKnits design I suggest strongly that you read the how-to until the end, that will (hopefully!) make a lot of things clear :)

Additionally you may also want to download the basic set, which is free, too, because it contains 8 more square YouKnits and all triangle YouKnits, that you would need e.g. when knitting a triangle shawl.

You can find the other YouKnits patterns by searching for YouKnits or looking at my ravelry designs page or ravelry store.

» WYSIWYK - YouKnits designer
(what you see is what you knit ;-))

Because I find it very difficult to imagine how a repeated/combined pattern will look from charts or text instructions, a friend made us the YouKnits designer that you can reach via

Note: I purchased the domain just now, in the PDF files I still give the address of my website (

Both addresses are valid, but I find easier to memorize ;-)

The use of the YouKnits designer is free, it will provide you with a PDF file containing

  • a picture of your design,
  • a YouKnits distribution chart of your design and
  • a list of the individual YouKnits that you’ve used in your personal design with links to where you can get them and their price.

Note: As for the price information: I’ve implemented a discount scheme to reduce the total, see point discount further up on this page.

» knit the pattern

Both this YouKnit alone and the pattern of combination #20 can directly be knitted to e.g. a scarf/shawl by repeating the one or the other as often as you like in both directions.

For a scarf/shawl you can always add a border of your choice:

  • while you’re knitting or added later,
  • knitted or crocheted.

Or make something completely different with this YouKnit, see also what (else) to knit in the next paragraph.
Just be creative! :)

» what (else) to knit

The swatches that I knitted for the YouKnits designer were very nearly square, so I browsed the internet for patterns made from squares and devised others myself and that’s what I came up with:





“Where to start? Where to start?” ;-))
Well, I started with the YouKnits vest and am now knitting the YouKnits scarf as a gift.

» questions about (using) the YouKnits

If you have problems or questions, please look at the group unikatissima here at ravelry:

  • either someone else had the same question before, than you will be answered immediately,
  • or ask your question there, because someone else may have the same problem in the future.

But of course you can also send me a personal message :)

» terms of use

By using my patterns you agree to my terms of use which you can find on my website and in my PDF files (although not in the PDF files provided by the YouKnits designer!).

Hinweis für Deutsche: Für Dich gilt auch: Du stimmst meinen Nutzungsbedingungen zu, wenn Du meine Muster nutzt. Ich habe sie auf meiner Webseite auch auf deutsch hinterlegt.

» errata

Although I triple checked everything, I may (possibly! ;-)) have made mistakes.

And now I hope that you enjoy designing and knitting with YouKnits :)