Encinas Bonitas
December 25, 2014
January 10, 2016

Encinas Bonitas

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Eichelwald (aka Frosted Ferns) by Herbert Niebling
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
rescued crochet cotton--mercerized?

Cast on three different times before I had the right yarn. First I tried one that seemed like cotton/silk at about a fingering weight. It was too thick and also a little too fuzzy. Then I tried a coned cotton yarn. It was the right grist, but it was too softly plied for a lace doily. Finally got it right with a ball of what looks like a mercerized, tightly plied cotton. (All of the above choices were from my rescued weaving stash.)

Tricky to cast on until I remembered the trick of knitting the cast on stitches as you knit i-cord. I went through row 3 and then put on the three needles as I knit. Worked really well. Still tricky to maneuver the skinny needles and skinny yarn, but a lot better than trying to use three DPNs from the beginning.

I am now at round 50 and will be starting round 51 when I next pick this up. I changed from dpns to a circular needle. I also put in a lifeline at about round 40. The repeat is now at 46 stitches and I am having a little trouble keeping track of where I am. There are no dividers on the chart. As I go along, I am losing track of where I am on the row of the chart. I think I will make some dividers to show 10 or 12 stitch increments. The number of stitches keeps increasing, though, so I’m not really sure of the best way to mark up my chart. This is really fun work. I like complicated lace! Once I finish this one, I think I will try one of the ones in my book!

I thought all was going so well. I even understood what had to happen at row 75. But then I had the wrong stitch count on row 77. Couldn’t figure it out. Started tinking and dropped some stitches. Yikes. Had to go back to row 73 to get it right again. Viewing this as part of the lace process ;-)

At Stitches West I worked on this in the hotel room at night and made a mistake I couldn’t figure out on row 85. Then it sat! Yesterday I finally tinked back to row 83, got it all back in line with the pattern and then got row 85 to work. Very difficult to un-knit the pattern rows without dropping stitches! I had a lifeline, but that would have meant losing 5 more rows. It was worth the time to only take out two and a half rows. Each repeat has 79 stitches for a total of 474 stitches on row 85. Wow!!!

While putting in a lifeline sometime in the fall I managed to push a bunch of stitches off the needle. Ugh! I quickly picked them up and then stopped for the night. I knew that some of them were picked up incorrectly and perhaps had dropped down another row. I worried about how difficult it would be to get back on track. I dreaded having to go all the way back to my prior lifeline. It sat…
This week I picked it back up and got it straightened out. It was much easier to do than I had anticipated. I was lucky! Now I am into the edging. Doing the original edging. (I did add the extra mesh rows, though.) 15 yarn overs! Yikes! Fiddly, but fun and it makes an interesting hole in the fabric. I am almost done, but it adds so many stitches that it is now 930 stitches around. So close and yet so far!
Blocked and done! So much fun and so beautiful!

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December 25, 2014
January 10, 2016
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