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Nessie - AKA Short-rows on short-rows on short-rows
Nessie - English by Julia Zahle
Needles & yarn
US 2½ - 3.0 mm
"Poke A Dot" - Falkland wool
Poke A Dot
Into The Whirled

Needed something easy to knit on the go; Berlin was out target, and it was a blast! Loved the trip, and now I feel sure I am going to love this shawlette.

This is so far the most boring, but interesting knit I have made. Garterstitch = boring. But somehow I have loved knitting this anyway. It has to b the magic of knitting with my own handspun.

I cast on as many stitches I could until I got sick of it. Then I knitted shortrows by turing 5 stitches before the last one until I got sick of it.

Then I knitted all the length and doubled the stitches by “k1, yo” - and knitted the yo tbl on my way back to close the yo.

Then I did shortrows yet again, now with 15 stitches before last shortrow.

When I got sick of that, I did a new round of shortrows, with 20 stitches before last shortrow, this time until there was about 12-15 stitches left, then I knitted the whole length and casted off using the ssk-bind off to give it a nice firm edge, that still was flexible.

I am amazed about the yardage of this yarn!

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March 18 2010
April 5 2010
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