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2011 La Salle Dancing Cranes
February 20 2011
March 27 2011
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2011 La Salle Dancing Cranes
Dancing Cranes Stole by Shui Kuen Kozinski and Benne Ferrell
La Salle Auction
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
elann.com Silken Kydd
none left in stash
3 skeins = 696.0 yards (636.4 meters), 75 grams
elann.com in Delta, British Columbia
April 2010

La Salle HS silent auction item - the final bid was $250 - yeah.. It did turn out really nice. I didn’t get a picture as my usual model (daughter) was ill. Now that it is finished, it is really pretty and the pictures don’t do it justice.

Should be a fast knit, but the mohair/silk is really slippery. I love my Knit Picks needles, but they are slick. I may have to try wooden ones. Ordered the yarn when it was on sale.

02-25-11 Ok, I have knit a bit more and am now at 40%. I have gotten somewhat used to the yarn so it is not annoying me as much and I am going faster. I do like the final product and it isn’t that itchy to me. Definitely product knitting rather than my usual process knitting.

02-22-11 I broke down and bought a pair of lantern moon needles. They are more pleasant than the bamboo ones. Did a few more rows. I do like the look of this and the yarn is growing on me.

02-21-11 Ok, I did have a pair of size 7 wooden needles; I think bamboo. The do work better and I am getting used to the yarn. I am so afraid that I will drop a stitch so am counting a lot and at the end of the repeat will run a lifeline. At this point I just want it finished.

02-20-11 Up to row 8 of the pattern. I have to focus as the yarn is so slick. It hurts my hand so I won’t be able to knit this fast. I guess my goal will be a pattern repeat - 28 rows - each week to finish in time to get it to the auction. The original plan was to knit two of these with the second one for St. Mark’s.

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February 20 2011
March 27 2011
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by elann.com
70% Mohair, 30% Silk
232 yards / 25 grams
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