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Zoé Zazou and Euklidia
March 10 2014
April 7 2014
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Zoé Zazou and Euklidia
Fatty Lumpkin the Brave African Flower Pony Crochet Pattern by Heidi Bears
Hooks & yarn
1.75 mm
1,265 yards
WollService Lacotta
4.6 skeins = 736.0 yards (673.0 meters), 230 grams
Wolle Rödel Sport & Strumpfwolle Classik
2.3 skeins = 529.0 yards (483.7 meters), 115 grams

Deutsch im neuen Blog.
After using the pattern of the African Flower Bear (180 pages) I was positively surprised that the instructions for the pony only are about 50 pages though there are hints for different ways of working it.

Nevertheless the instructions are very clearly. You can even use them without speaking any word of English because the pictures and graphs are brilliant.

I didn’t crochet the patches together but sewed them. This was more comfortable compared with the bear which I mounted by crocheting.

If you want to get the pony smaller or slimmer, work the first or/and the last round in simple crochet stitches.

I used a very old hook from my Great-Aunt Martha which broke when I only had four patches to do. So I used a 1,5mm hook which makes no optical difference.

On my blog there is a little story in German about the ponies’ names.
Zoé Zazou is the beauty and Euklidia (who would have thought it?) the more brainy type.

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March 10 2014
April 7 2014
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by Wolle Rödel
Light Fingering
75% Wool, 25% Nylon
230 yards / 50 grams
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