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Omnium Gatherum Part I

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January 29 2017
March 25 2017
Project info
Omnium Gatherum Part I
Rippled Wrap by Cheri McEwen
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
depends on yarn
5,984 yards
Leftovers again / rippled wrap
Sport (12 wpi)
9 skeins = 1230.3 yards (1125.0 meters), 450 grams
Leftovers from a machine project / Knitted Star
Fingering (14 wpi)
3.5 skeins = 1378.0 yards (1260.0 meters), 350 grams
collected and gifted
Leftovers from various projects / Crochet Star
Sport (12 wpi)
10 skeins = 1312.3 yards (1200.0 meters), 500 grams
collected and gifted
last leftovers of all leftovers :-) / Hat
Sport (12 wpi)
0.84 skeins = 119.4 yards (109.2 meters), 42 grams
more scrap & leftovers / Striped Triangle with Border
Sport (12 wpi)
3.61 skeins = 947.5 yards (866.4 meters), 361 grams
collected and gifted
scrap-leftover-collection / Striped Triangle
Sport (12 wpi)
3.8 skeins = 997.4 yards (912.0 meters), 380 grams
collected and gifted

Frequently I get yarn from friends who quit knitting, yarn-inheritages or leftovers of nice yarn from knitting friends. Last year, I got over 10 KG of all kinds of yarn.
We don’t speak about the yarns I gathered over the years.

I decided to work up the gifted yarn and a part of my own for charity in 2017.
Partially the finished objects will be given to our homeless people in the town nearby, the bigger amount will be sent to AMPO.
AMPO was founded by Karin Rhode who sold all her properties to help poor people in Burkina Faso.
You might not believe it: the people are freezing at 25 °C. They need hats, shawls, socks, blankets in all sizes from small to big …
I saw pictures of people proudly and thankfully wearing and using our knitted goods so I know that my products will not be sold by obscure organisations.

You must not use high amounts of artificial yarns in a project, the people offen sit near the fire or lay their children near the fire to keep them warm.
If you want to attend, join this Ravelry-group. The knitted goods and other helpful things will collected in containers and shipped when filled.

  • For the first two projects I show the designs above I worked from.
  • The striped shawl is a simple design for a triangular shawl with 4 rows in stockinette and 4 rows in reverse stockinette, you may vary fore- and background colors
  • The fourth shawl became a border in broad ribs, I was inspired from another project and copied it
  • With the yarn from the last shawl I intended to knit a shawl on the knitting machine. But the yarn refused to stay on the needles. The pattern is simple garter stitch and a also simple chevron stitch with increases in every second row. This was a nice project to carry everywhere.
  • Crochet hat, which is formed by a parallelogram which is connected at the bias sides. The crown is formed by gathering the stitches from one side. On the other side I crocheted a small brim. Nice project for small scraps.

Now I had to collect new scraps and leftovers.

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January 29 2017
March 25 2017
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