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Aftur by Védís Jónsdóttir
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Istex Lett Lopi

My second Icelandic cardigan and it worked out sooooo much better than the first one! I’m very happy with the fit, it’s more cropped and snug compared to the usual bulky shape of the standard Icelandic jumpers.

I decided to make it a cardigan instead of a jumper and I worked with a steek for the first time, improvising the button band (based on another Istex cardigan I knitted). It was much easier than I expected, I can only recommend making those changes if you prefer cardigans like I do.

The button band is a simple pattern I copied from another cardigan, taking up 10 stitches: sl1, k4, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1. I then sewed the button band to the cardigan by hand - not very pretty but it does the job. To prevent the hem from fraying I crocheted over the hem, covering the loose ends (even though I machine-stitched it before steeking there are always a few stray pieces sticking out and I wanted to be 100 % sure it wouldn’t start unraveling).

A great piece and a great pattern! So much fun to knit.


After several years of regular use I had to make an adjustment to the hem because the seed stitch was completely worn out and sloppy. For those who haven’t started yet: I suggest to make a ribbed hem straight away; same for the cuffs. It might not look as original but it will save you this annoying part later.

To make the adjustment and re-knit the hem I followed the brilliant instructions of the TechKnitter and it worked out perfectly. It’s such a useful thing to know! And it really didn’t take that long, it’s just a bit fiddly to take up the stitches again but really not difficult. Since all my Lopi jumpers are knitted bottom-up it’s not a problem at all to do this in case the hem is worn out.

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February 2013
March 30 2013
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