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November 5 2012
November 10 2012
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Bulb Bag
Big Button Bag by TOFT
Needles & yarn

This is a knitting kit from Toft Alpaca.

Lovely bag! Super fast knit. It only took a few days.

Mods: I slipped the first stitch of every row of the garter base to make picking up stitches easier. Don’t worry if the edge where you pick up the base stitches is a bit holey - it all comes out in the felting process. Just try and pick the stitches up evenly.

I washed my bag twice as I didn’t feel it had felted enough first time round. It took days to dry.

It’s a bit fluffy at the moment but I think it will stop shedding after a few wears.

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November 5 2012
November 10 2012
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