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Paper Daleks
Paper Dolls by Kate Davies
Needles & yarn
US 4 - 3.5 mm
US 6 - 4.0 mm
1,025 yards = 4.44 skeins
Knit Picks Palette
125 yards in stash
2.95 skeins = 681.5 yards (623.1 meters), 147 grams
Knit Picks Palette
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0.5 skeins = 115.5 yards (105.6 meters), 25 grams
Knit Picks Palette
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0.03 skeins = 6.9 yards (6.3 meters), 1 grams
Knit Picks Palette
201 yards in stash
0.13 skeins = 30.0 yards (27.5 meters), 6 grams
Knit Picks Palette
none left in stash
0.7 skeins = 161.7 yards (147.9 meters), 35 grams
Knit Picks Palette
226 yards in stash
0.02 skeins = 4.6 yards (4.2 meters), 1 grams
Knit Picks Palette
229 yards in stash
0.01 skeins = 2.3 yards (2.1 meters), 0 grams
Knit Picks Palette
229 yards in stash
0.01 skeins = 2.3 yards (2.1 meters), 0 grams
Knit Picks Palette
109 yards in stash
0.03 skeins = 6.9 yards (6.3 meters), 1 grams
Knit Picks Palette
69 yards in stash
0.06 skeins = 13.9 yards (12.7 meters), 3 grams
Knit Picks Palette
924 yards in stash
0 skeins = 0.0 yards (0.0 meters), 0 grams

I’m basically in love with this because the corrugated ribbing reminds me of Ten’s Suit.
I’m planning to somehow change the chart to do a Ten, TARDIS, and Daleks marching around the top. Sometimes I think I have gone mad. I have never made a sweater before, nor done Fair Isle.

For my Paper Daleks:

Main Color: Bluebell
Contrast Color: Bark
Daleks: Doe for body, Black for plunger, Silver for weapon arms, Delta for eye, Oyster Heather for light-y-up-things
TARDIS: Delta for body, Black for top panel, Oyster Heather for light, windows, and sign
Tenth Doctor: Bark for suit and hair, Oyster Heather for skin, Lipstick for shoes, possibly Bluebell for shirt
Rose: Jay for jacket, Fuchsia for shirt, Oyster Heather for skin, Black for pants and shoes, either Custard or Semolina for hair.

2-16-11: I’m slowly working on this, I had it on pause while I was working on my DW scarf. Now that it’s done, I’m going to get back working on this. It’s not my favorite, I get tired of using fingering after a while, so sometimes I need to switch to thicker (DK/worsted) yarn for a little bit.

3-9-11: I’m already in the midst of the increases. Yesterday I found out that the yarn broke. Five rows down. And now I have to fix it. I have an idea how. Thank goodness that it’s on the back!

3-11-11: I buckled down and fixed the hole-- MUCH easier that I thought it would be! And much better, less obvious than I thought!

3-26-11: Has it really been this long?! Anyways, I’m picking this back up, and firmly telling myself that I will not start and garter or all knit stitch items until this darn sweater is finished. Which means postponing my Clockwork. :(

4-1-11: No fooling here, I’ve finished one sleeve and attached, and the second sleeve is done and ready to attach! SO close to the colorwork! SQUEE!

4-2-11: Last night I charted out all my charts with the decreases, and started the colorwork. Turns out that I scaled them WAY too big, the Daleks were 17 stitches across the base. :( Now I have to completely re-chart. Also, I need a skein of Palette in Black for the TARDIS and part of the Daleks.

4-3-11: During my re-charting I added Rose next to the Doctor, and as I need to order Black, I decided to get a few colors for Journey’s End Rose: Jay for her jacket, Fuchsia for her shirt, and either Custard or Semolina for her hair. I think I’ll make Chrysanthemum Mittens with the yellow that I don’t use.

4-8-11: Got the yarn yesterday! I’m going to use the Custard for Rose’s hair. So…. I need to do the colorwork flat. :( I tried it in the round, but the yarn is on the wrong end of the section when I get to it. I increased 1 stitch to use for sewing at the end.

4-19-11: Colorwork takes forever! I’m at row 14 right now, maybe I can have it finished for Series 6 on Saturday? Maybe….

4-27-11: Colorwork is going FANTASTIC! I got in a record 6-1/2 rows in yesterday, and today I got all the ends woven in! Well, nearly all, save a few that are the ends of colors I’m still using.

5-2-11: SO CLOSE! I’m working on the “Exterminate!” part right now, then a few short rows, and corrugated ribbing!

5-4-11: DONE! It’s blocking now. It was mostly done last night, I had just a few more ends to weave in and the underarms to graft. 102 ends in total!

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December 28 2010
May 4 2011
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