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Fluff to Lacy Fabric

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April 13 2013
July 21 2013
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Fluff to Lacy Fabric
Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
Needles & yarn
US 3 - 3.25 mm
Crayon Box - BFL
388.8 yards (355.5 meters), 94 grams
21 WPI
Gale's Art

Fiber from KnittingNonstop (Gale’s Art BFL)…acquired about 2 years ago, I think…maybe less. Started spinning on my 41g, resin, top-whorl, on a rainy April Saturday…

04.19.13 - Well, I have made it through my first bag of fiber (31g), and OMGosh! I am so glad that I started into this BFL now, rather than waiting until I had spun all of the pink fluff I still have left (18g)!
All the same color = BORING!
Constant color change = BIG FUN!
This stuff is addictive…I can’t wait to make it plied yarn (probably N-ply) and see what it wants to be!!!

05.08.13 - All of it is singles…YAY! Start plying tomorrow? Sounds like a plan…

05.10.13 - Started plying this morning before work. It’s coming out a little thicker than the pinks did (yay!), but I’m not even going to try to guess the WPI or weight until I get it all plied and skeined, soaked and snapped. :)

05.16.13 - ~21wpi, and a total of 267yds on the 65g skein (still plying the last 52g), so I assume that I will have around 480 yards total. I’m calling this a light fingering weight, and now I’m off to research what it wants to be!!!

05.31.13 - It’s going to be a hitchhiker…lacy like this one…wound 65g into a ball to start today, will wind the rest as I need it! =D

06.03.13 - As I knit, I am noticing that some of the yarn (plies?) is overspun, and it feels stiff as it runs through my fingers. I’ll chalk this up to being a beginner spinner, and I’m ok with that. The finished fabric still feels pretty good, and I can’t help but hope that a good soak or two will soften it a little bit. :)
Still, I love the knitting just like the spinning…so exciting to see which color comes up next as I knit! Everyone should spin a rainbow!!! =D

Pattern mod for bind off…
Because I really didn’t like that only one side of the scarf had the “teeth.” I think the asymmetry is easier for me to take if both sides have teeth…!

Make sure you have multiple of 5 sts (or close, it’s fudge-able at the end, if you need to).
Knit 5, turn
:: Sl1, k4, turn
P1, k3, turn
Sl1, k3, turn
P1, k2, turn
Sl1, k2, turn
P1, k1, turn
Sl1, k1 turn
P1, knit 1, psso, (k1, psso)x4 (5sts bound off), k 4. ::
Repeat from :: to :: until five sts remain, then work final “tooth.”

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April 13 2013
July 21 2013
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