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October 11 2015
November 2 2015
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Baby Blocks
Squishy Baby Blocks by PJ Allen
Sweet Pea (and Peanut)
Needles & yarn
US 6 - 4.0 mm
Caron Simply Soft Solids

I made a total of 20 cubes (5 with the additional mods below), and I did write up the pattern! It took me awhile to letter them all, and I did a fair bit of research on how many of each letter, etc…but I am now finished! This was such a FUN project…Yay!!!

I ended up using upholstery foam, 22x22x2, that I cut into 2” cubes on my own to stuff the cubes. Not perfect, but the cubes offer more structure than fiberfill.

Also, after writing up the pattern, and about 15 cubes in, I changed what I was doing…lol! Here are my mods:

For the last few cubes, I’ve changed how I do squares 5 & 6. Here is what I did…
After seaming your strip of 4 squares into a tube, pick up 25 sts along the sides of two squares, turn.
Purl 11, p2tog, slip to right needle, pass next stitch over to the left, slip to left needle (“p2sps”), p11, turn.
K10, slip 1, k2tog, psso (“sk2p”), k10, turn.
Purl, turn.
K9, sk2p, k9, turn.
P8, p2sps, p8, turn.
K7, sk2p, k7, turn.
Purl, turn.
K6, sk2p, k6, turn.
P5, p2sps, p5, turn.
K4, sk2p, k4, turn.
Purl, turn.
K3, sk2p, k3, turn.
P2, p2sps, p2, turn.
K1, sk2p, k1, turn.
P2sps, end and cut yarn.
Now, sew the remaining two sides of your new square to the tube, creating the cube shape, and repeat for the last side. Be sure to insert foam before closing the last side of your block!

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October 11 2015
November 2 2015
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