Scandi Lanterns Blanket
June 12, 2016
December 12, 2016

Scandi Lanterns Blanket

Project info
Mystical Lanterns Blanket by Jane Crowfoot
janiecrow on ravelry
115 x 195 blocked
Hooks & yarn
4.0 mm (G)
3,232 yards = 32 skeins
Garnstudio DROPS Lima
23 skeins = 2323.0 yards (2124.2 meters), 1150 grams
Wool Warehouse
Garnstudio DROPS Lima
9 skeins = 909.0 yards (831.2 meters), 450 grams
Wool Warehouse

I love these shapes and love the multi-colours. However, my home does not love multi-colours and I naturally veer towards the pale scandi look.
To satisfy my yearning for pattern I tend to do crochet in a few colours. This is no exception.
I am interested to see how it comes out - I just hope its not too plain.

Made a couple of lanterns today and it is clear that my blanket is going to be bigger. The wool is quite thick so I don’t want to go down a hook - I might do fewer shapes. I also need more wool.

Adapting Pattern

As my grannies are one colour I have adapted the pattern slightly so I don’t fasten off every round. Instead I ss across to the ch sp before starting the next round as per the pattern. That saves some time and many ends!

For round 4 of the lantern, I started with just 2dc in the top 3 ch sp, and finished with 1dc in the ch sp, joining with invisible join, which I used throughout as I find it much neater than a ss.

4 July 2016
Done 75 lanterns so far. It us such an easy pick up and put down project I’m quite happy that it is going to take a while. In the meantime I’ve made my Timberlyn Poncho, book rat (first amigurumi) and I’m learning to knit!!

29 July 2016
After distraction of my Dad wanting some new armchair covers, finally finished shapes today. I have done 128 full grannies and 12 half lanterns. I aim to make 7 strips of 10 and 6 of 9. This is fewer than the pattern but my lanterns are a bit bigger.

1 August 2016
Joining. Boy, joining is not my favourite part!
Also, it is taking a LOT of yarn to do a dc join. I really hope I have enough cream. It will definitely change what I use for the borders as I’m pretty sure I won’t have enough.

17 August 2016
Life intervened to slow me down but I’m finally blocking this blanket. I had a full ball of the cream left so I could have incorporated it into the border but I decided plain grey suited my mood better. Last pics are of it blocking.

I have to say I love the back too, so I’ve included a pic of that :)

My lanterns worked out much bigger. I have no idea why as I used DK yarn and 4mm hook, though the Lima does have the feel and texture of an Aran weight yarn. My resultant blanket is bigger than the pattern even though my rows were shorter and fewer.

Anyway, I love it!!

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June 12, 2016
December 12, 2016
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