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Can't Think Of A Freakin' Name Socks
March 12 2009
April 14 2009
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Can't Think Of A Freakin' Name Socks
Two at Once, Toe-Up Magic Loop Socks by Knit Picks Design Team
The usual clown feet size.
Needles & yarn
US 1 - 2.25 mm
Austermann Step
97 yards in stash
0.79 skeins = 363.4 yards (332.3 meters), 79 grams
The Loopy Ewe

4/17/09: I finished the socks when my computer was down.

I have 21g of yarn leftover. This is the first time I’ve used this yarn and I am not impressed. This yarn pilled as I was knitting with it. I have not even worn the socks and they are already pilled as much as socks I’ve worn for a several months.

The feet of these socks fit perfectly. However, it’s a bit tight getting the sock leg over my heel. In the future, I should cast on at least 5 stitches after starting the leg.

Details are as follows:

  • CO 6
  • Increase to 72
  • 8x1 ribbing. Ktbl after purl stitch to tighten stitch
  • The foot is just shy of 7” long (stopped at stripe change)
  • 2.25” heel flap
  • The ribbing is mostly K2,P2 but I did follow the purl pattern on the leg, so there are some K3 and P3 sections
  • On the second sock I increased 5 stitches in the cuff ribbing. This made it easier to slip over my heel.
  • I used the sewn bind off again. I LOVE it!!

4/9/09: I knit a bit more while watching Survivor.

4/7/09: I started going up the first leg tonight while watching Dancing With The Stars (results), Law & Order: SVU and A Song’s Best Friend: John Denver Remembered (I love this show!).

4/4/09: Today and tonight I started and completed both gussets while watching Hallmark’s marathon of all of the Love movies.

4/3/09: I finished the second heel flap and turned both heels tonight while watching Penny Serenade (Cary Grant kills me in this movie).

4/1/09: I finished about half of the second heel flap while watching Lost.

3/31/09: I finished the second foot and knit the first heel tonight while watching Dancing With The Stars, The Men Who Made Movies: William A. Wellman and a silly VH-1 countdown show (100 One Hit Wonders Of The 80’s).

The heel flap is 2.25” long.

3/30/09: I knit a bit more while watching Heroes For Sale (better than average pre-code movie).

This evening I finished the first sock foot and made progress on the second sock foot while watching Midnight Mary (FANTASTIC pre-code movie).

The first sock foot is just shy of 7” long. I let the stripe pattern dictate the exact length of the foot.

3/29/09: I knit a bit more on one sock while watching Frisco Jenny (an average pre-code flick) with a recycled storyline.

3/15/09: This afternoon I knit some more on the first sock while talking on the phone.

Tonight I cast on, completed the toe and started the second sock foot while watching The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Dateline NBC and Wife, Husband and Friend (very cute movie!).

I matched the stripes on these socks as well as I could (and did a darn good job!). For some reason, I am now obsessed with matching stripes on my socks. I never was until my Found Time Socks. In fact, I used to think it was silly.

3/14/09: I knit a few rows on the first sock tonight while watching Anchors Aweigh (finally - I’ve seen all of Gene Kelly’s musicals!).

I noticed that the knit stitch after the purl stitch was very loose and was disrupting the pattern. So, I started ktbl in the stitch after the purl stitch to tighten it.

3/12/09: I cast on and knit the first sock toe while watching Survivor: Tocantins, Grey’s Anatomy (I’m really over this show),ER (which is finishing surprisingly strong after several seasons of utter suckitude) and SVU.

I cast on 6 stitches and increased to 72. I also knit a few rounds of the pattern (8x1 ribbing).

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March 12 2009
April 14 2009
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