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#23 Chevron Stripe Top by Mari Lynn Patrick
Needles & yarn
US 10 - 6.0 mm
Caledon Hills Worsted Wool
Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted
left overs from houndstooth suit

Hollyknits weighs in!

  • different chevron patterns for front and back!? The increase pattern is every other row on front, every fourth row on back. Wonder if that is correct, however gives the back length.
  • neck a bit wide, picked up about ten less stitches than indicated to compensate, and for the neckline to lay flat.
  • This is another example of what I call “blind” knitting because you really do not know what this will look like (fit and shape) because of the unusual design, so going on faith. Also, the front is shaped differently than the back which you can clearly see on the schematic which adds to the mystique. However, there is great allowance for happiness after the garment is made due to the tie.
  • used replacement yarn. good to use up stash however may lay differently due to yarn properties. And, each color here is worsted weight but from different companies.
  • am totally in awe of designer, here. Such a unique garment.

this simply waits for a photo shoot and a blog posting. Love it!

I actually think I have yarn right here in my stash to pull this off; just enough Patons from the houndstooth project and the beautiful worsted from Caledon Hills, a yarn I purchased thinking of another project but not quite enough for comfort sake. And, then this appeared as an alternative! I mean how cool is it that the stripes configure a chevron as you wear! Fabulous!

The last photo is a collection of projects designed by Mari and fashioned by me over the last few years. Clearly, I am a fan of her work.

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by Caledon Hills
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