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Micro Reindeer!!!
November 3 2015
November 28 2015
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Micro Reindeer!!!
Tiny Reindeer by Anna Hrachovec
2015 Mochimochi Photo Contest
Reeeaaally tiny. About 1/2 an inch.
Needles & yarn
US 6/0 - 0.75 mm

Yay for another micro mochi!!! ^-^

It’s my second one so far (the first was Micro Gnome). I used one of six-strand embroidery thread, and 0.75 mm needles.

The yarn-overs scared me. XD At first I didn’t realize that there was supposed to be holes, but as I quickly read through the rest of the pattern, it started to make sense.

Pretty excited on how this turned out! :)

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November 3 2015
November 28 2015
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