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April 19 2013
May 19 2013
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Tendrils by Susanna IC
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Needles & yarn

Once again I erred on my yarn choice and used one that was without enough yardage, so I didn’t work the last 10 rows of lace and skipped the last 12 rows of short rows.

If I had to do this again with the same yarn (which I won’t since it has also been discontinued; long story), I would use #6 beads, not #8 as they get lost.

OH, and as a thought -- figure out how many beads you will need for the first beaded row and STRING THAT MANY ON. It would be a lot less of a PITA to do it that way and then switch to the crochet hook because that first row is a bit tricky.

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April 19 2013
May 19 2013
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