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Another Elephant Blanket
September 4 2016
October 17 2016
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Another Elephant Blanket
Ducks in a Row by Amy Bahrt
Bodhi August Theresa Bridges-Duong
147 stitches wide (too wide, but matches)
Needles & yarn
US 7 - 4.5 mm
Berroco Vintage®
434 yards in stash
Berroco Vintage®
651 yards in stash
Berroco Vintage®
1237 yards in stash

Request was for soft blush pink and ivory, with elephants.
Put “Bodhi August” on the blanket, and DOB is August 24, 2016.
colour is accurate in the bottom photo - very soft without a lot of contrast between the pink and the ivory - no idea why it looks vaguely flourescent in the outside pics

Big brother Pfeiffer’s blanket is here. Doing the same thing with pink as the MC, ivory for the other stripes, and light grey elephants.

Cast on 138. 8 rows seed stitch, then maintain 6 stitches in seed stitch up the sides, while adding in stockinette in the middle, increasing 9 stitches to 147 in the first stockinette row.

if I EVER knit this again (for a different family - I’m stuck with this pattern for this family), I would do a doubleknit panel with the elephants (smaller, as doubleknitting is wider) then pick up for the other stripes and border. This intarsia is a PITA!!

NOTE TO SELF - either use a smaller needle for the seed stitch bottom, or cast on fewer stitches (138), then increase to 147 for the main part of the blanket, so the bottom isn’t wavy. Seed stitch is wider than stockinette.

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September 4 2016
October 17 2016
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