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Mitred cardi
March 10 2014
March 21 2014
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Mitred cardi
Mitered Detail Cardigan by Adriana Hernandez-Bergstrom
Machine Knitting
Tools and equipment
Singer 360

This is part of a MKAL
10 March 2014
Finished weight 260 grams
I knitted the back using the short row method. The seam joining the two mitred squares was bumpy and ugly
I then realised I could start with waste yarn and end with waste yarn.
Then I hooked up the beginning row and knit back the other way for the second piece. I did allow an extra stitch on the first row of the first square and then got rid of the extra stitch in the first row. This was to give me the right number of sinker loops to pick up for going back the other way.
When I finished the second square i realised that i could just rehang the first square beside the second. No casting off or waste yarn needed.
It is a close fit on me which is what I intended.
The shape of the pattern is good.
I made a few changes to the pattern as written.
I changed the decreasing rate on the sleeves. I made a folded hem at the end of the sleeves rather than garter stitch bands. I didn’t bother with the row in reverse stocking stitch to mark the fold on the band.

After I finished it I realised I could make the mitred squares by repeating the first one and then hanging the cast on beside the original. No casting off required and no breaking the yarn.
Oh well the next one will be much easier

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March 10 2014
March 21 2014
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