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November 30 2013
January 5 2014
Project info
My Neighbour Totoro
Paper Dolls by Kate Davies
Adam's gf
34" (Size 6 in pattern)
Needles & yarn
US 0 - 2.0 mm
1,279 yards = 6.7 skeins
Shibui Knits Sock
15 yards in stash
5.42 skeins = 1035.2 yards (946.6 meters), 271 grams
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada
November 21, 2013
Shibui Knits Sock
none left in stash
0.18 skeins = 34.4 yards (31.4 meters), 9 grams
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada
November 21, 2013
Shibui Knits Sock
19 yards in stash
0.58 skeins = 110.8 yards (101.3 meters), 29 grams
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada
November 21, 2013
Shibui Knits Sock
38 yards in stash
0.52 skeins = 99.3 yards (90.8 meters), 26 grams
Jimmy Beans Wool in Reno, Nevada
November 21, 2013

Notes: all heights have been gauge-calculated to keep surprises to a minimum during blocking; in-chart decreases tended to be more art than science, given the stitch count errors -- I only ever worked decreases in the “white” sections

Errata for Size 6: “live” sleeve st count s/b 64 sts; total yoke st count before dec. s/b 334 sts (which means 10 st dec. to pre-chart sizing);

@ row 29 in chart, 1 dec./6 sts yields 270 sts -- @ row 31 in chart, 2 dec./9 sts yields 210 sts -- @ row 38 in chart, 2 dec./7 sts yields 150 sts not the 162 stated -- I had to decrease 48 sts across row 38 to get to the intended stitch count

Mods: adapted Louise Lavender’s Soot Sprite Hexipuff chart to create a 30 st repeating chart which starts 2 rounds above the corrugated rib and allows for the 8 st decrease which occurs over the course of the chart; omitted sleeve cap creation d/t choice to create long sleeves, so did provisional crochet cast-on of “live” sleeve sts for both arms, worked round body as per pattern, and picked up and knit from provisional cast-on chains where required; worked 14 repeats of my Totoro chart from round 8 of the Paper Dolls chart (adapted from Brella’s Norwegian Totoro Mittens chart); worked round 40 chart decreases in round 44; worked cocoknits’ short rows for the back; worked full sleeves by casting on an additional 10 sts/sleeve @ underarm and decreasing 2 sts every 10th row until 48 sts/sleeve (per EZ’s suggest 1/5 body st count); worked an additional 6 rows in St st/sleeve before beginning corrugated rib

Nov 29/13: the yarn arrived today. I’m so excited!

Nov 30/13: after achieving post-blocking gauge with a 2mm (US0!) needle, I’ve cast on and begun. I’m going to have to simply knit tighter for what is supposed to be the next needle size down. That 200+ st provisional cast-on was a doozy.

Dec 1/13: wise of Ms. Davies to make the most tedious part of the project come first. Also, would love some proper sunshine to be able to photograph the corrugated rib hem.

Dec 3/13: after three days worth of corrugated rib, I’ve begun the colourwork near the hem. Incidentally, 222 stitches of corrugated rib for 22 rows, plus the cast-on and one row plain, resulted in the use of 63g of my 100g skein of Wasabi (Jan 2/14 correction: 13g of a 50g skein were used) . Hopefully, I have enough to work the sleeve hems and collar. Update: I love the effect of the grey soot sprites on the lighter grey background. I can already tell I’m going to have a hard time parting with this sweater.

Dec 4/13: the soot sprite chart is done and I am officially done using Graphite for this project! I’m surprised the colourwork only took me two days and HOLY CATS, but the stockinette is zipping along surprisingly quickly (she said, dooming herself). :)

Dec 9/13: there is errata in the 6th size option where the sleeves join the yoke, so I’m working at figuring out what the stitch count ought to be at that point and what I should do for the pattern repeat. Once that’s done, I’ll have to sort out how to arrange and space the Totoros, so tonight’s likely to end up being math-y, rather than involving actual knitting. Update: I’m just about to start the colourwork on the yoke and realized that means I’m probably more than 40% done. :) The progress meter has been updated to 50% done because I have yet to sort out how the Totoros will fit into the stitch count.

Dec 11/13: I think I’ve finally sorted out the math for the Totoro chart, so will start working on that tonight. Home stretch!

Dec 14/13: seriously, there are stitch count errata for this size all over the place. It’s annoying as Hell to have to figure out what the intended decreases are. The good news is that I’ve finished the Totoro chart and have “sealed” it with 2 rows of stockinette. The bad news is that I’m going to need to rip out the 2 rows of stockinette to do the decreases in row 43 which probably ought to have been denoted in the colourwork chart at row 40 (they’re in the written pattern). The sweater, such as it is, looks fantastic so far and I’m getting really close to finishing!

Dec 15/13: I had to go online to double-check the technique for what’s been my favourite show-row method so far, and realized that I’ve yet to attempt posting comprehensive notes on this project. I suspect I’m going to miss a bunch of stuff, but I have to try, at the very least. Update: I really hate working corrugated rib.

Dec 16/13: completed the i-cord bind off for the neck last night and picked up stitches from the provisional cast-on at the bottom (mental note: use mercerized cotton for all provisional cast-ons, wool sucks). I hope to finish the bottom hem’s i-cord today and maybe, maybe get started on the sleeves (two-at-a-time, no less).

Dec 17/13: I’ve officially begun the two-at-a-time sleeves!

Dec 19/13: realized last night that there was no way in Hell I’d be able to complete the sleeves with the amount of Ash I had left over, so I ordered more with the client’s blessing a few minutes ago. It’s supposed to ship tonight.

Dec 23/13: ice storms certainly do make one productive! I’ve used up all of the Ash I currently have on-hand, so I’ve got to wait until the last skein comes in before I can finish this project.

Jan 1/14: yarn came in yesterday, so I’m back on the horse today.

Jan 2/14: I’m almost done! I’m almost done! The corrugated rib for the sleeves is done (doing that two-at-a-time sucks, by the way), so I’ve just got the i-cord bind-offs to work, two ends to weave in, and blocking.

Jan 3/14: the sweater is blocking now!

Jan 5/14: I probably could have said this sweater was done yesterday, but I want it to be bone-dry to survive being boxed up and shipped. I love this sweater and am looking forward to one day making one for myself, but perhaps with different motifs.

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November 30 2013
January 5 2014
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